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The BAHRS has an ongoing commitment to establishing Professional and Clinical Standards that its members are expected to adhere to, and which can be found in the Professional Documents section of this website. In order to establish Clinical Standards it is necessary to reach consensus on current practice of the members. It is acknowledged that these Standards may evolve with changes and developments in the field of Hair Restoration.

Consensus is reached by the collegiate exchange of information with regards to the individual (or group) practice of the BAHRS members. This is referred to as establishing Common Practice. It should be specifically noted that being an outlier from the Common Practice does not necessarily imply poor or substandard practice. Indeed, there might be instances when the majority learn from the good practice of the minority and the Common Practice might therefore evolve with time. However, the documentation of Common Practice allows Hair Transplant Surgeons in the UK (and around the world) to bench mark themselves against the practice of the majority of BAHRS Hair Transplant Surgeon members.

It is important to note that the following documents are NOT standards of practice and only address specific areas of Hair Restoration Surgery practice at specific points in time.