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The BAHRS recognises that there is little regulation within the Cosmetic Surgery field. Following the recommendations of the 2013 Department of Health Keogh Report Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions and the 2013 Royal College of Surgeons document Professional Standards for Cosmetic Practice, the BAHRS developed Professional Standards for those members who have direct surgical contact with patients. When signing their respective Codes of Conduct, all Hair Transplant Surgeon members and Hair Transplant Surgical Assistant members agree to abide by the BAHRS Professional Standards that pertain to them.

The BAHRS also recognises its members should adhere to basic Clinical Standards regarding their Hair Restoration Surgery practice. However there is little published guidance on this subject. The BAHRS has embarked on an on-going project to develop a set of Clinical Standards that will be reviewed and augmented annually based on the results of Common Practice exercises. The Clinical Standards are NOT outcome measures and do not aim to describe what results should be expected from Hair Restoration Surgery but rather to describe the process that patients should expect the majority of BAHRS members to follow. If a BAHRS member deviates from the Clinical Standards and is questioned by a patient regarding the reasons why, there should be a clear justification given.