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Left to right: Michael OConnor, Ben Royappa, Bessam Farjo, Don Chantarasak, Tom Norton, Nilofer Farjo, Michael May, Irene Lavin, Henry Clamp, David Cuddis. Not pictured: Zeyd Tabara, Riad Roomi


The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (BAHRS) was founded in 1996 by twelve like-minded doctors practicing hair transplant surgery in Britain.

Following the formation of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in 1993, the founding members wanted to create a similar but local organisation. Some of their objectives were:

  1. To promote the understanding and reputation of hair restoration surgery in the United Kingdom.
  2. To foster the communication of information relating to hair restoration surgery amongst members, other practitioners and other professional bodies.
  3. To advance all aspects of the professional practice of hair restoration surgery to high standards of competence, conduct and ethics and to promote education in appropriate skills.
  4. To represent members, to assist members to protect their interests, and to offer members support in matters relating to hair restoration surgery practice.

The founding members planned to affiliate with international associations or societies whose objectives were similar. To this end, BAHRS was a founding member of the ISHRS Global Council.

They also committed to organising and conducting scientific programs and meetings for the benefit of members of the Association. The inaugural meeting was held in 1996 and there have been annual meetings in most years since. Often a distinguished speaker has been invited to provide an educational component.

There have been many common themes at these meetings including quality of service, promotion of truthful advertising, updates from national and international meetings, and developments in the field. Subjects that seemed in the distant future such as appraisal/re-validation have come to pass. Others such as the clinical application of stem cell derived hair multiplication have remained elusive. The original BAHRS Constitution was written with the above objectives in mind and was amended in 2002. In 2013 the BAHRS constitution underwent a major revision. The chief drivers for this were:

  1. A desire to create a more inclusive Association to allow non-medical members (primarily hair transplant surgical assistants, trichologists and scientists with an interest in hair related research) to join hence the change of name to the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery
  2. To establish a core membership of doctors who regularly perform hair transplants
  3. To re-organise the BAHRS executive committee following the engagement of a management agency which made the traditional roles of Secretary and Treasurer redundant
  4. To modernize processes following the ubiquitous nature of the internet and email (the original BAHRS website created in 2003 was also updated in 2013)

Current members of BAHRS recognise the vision of the founding members and the contributions of its past leaders. Past Presidents of the Association have been Dr Henry Clamp (1996-2001), Dr Michael May (2001-2003 and 2009-20013), Dr Bessam Farjo (2003-2005) and Dr Nilofer Farjo (2005-2009).